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Things One Should Know About Menstrual Cups


During menses, ladies tend to be very attentive especially with their hygiene. Most ladies tend to have very difficult times trying to cope with the situation with some even performing their normal duties at a slower pace than they ought to. As a lady, one would need to make sure that she purchases a menstrual cup to make his or her menstrual flow hygienic. Menstrual cups tend to be flexible grade silicones which can be inserted into the vagina with the intention of catching the menstrual fluid. One would use one with the intention of making sure that she is hygienic throughout the period.


One would also need to know the types of menstrual cups in the market. One of the types include the reusable cups. A reusable cup tends to have a bell-shaped cup which tends to be made of silicone, rubber or even thermoplastic elastomer. While some are designed to last for more than ten years, it is recommended that one replaces one each and every year. The sizes of the menstrual cups also vary. The smaller menstrual cups tend to be applicable to women under thirty especially those who have not given birth vaginally.  Most of these women tend to have a heavy flow. There are also cups with even smaller cups and tends to be most applicable among the teenagers. Women who are physically fit as well as those with stronger pelvic floor muscles tend to feel uncomfortable every moment they put on large menstrual cups.


While most of the cups at this website tend to be colorless, there are cups that come in a variety of colors. One would need to know that those that are colored tend to use certified color especially colors certified to be food. The translucent ones tend to fade after some time something that makes some people replace them more often. There are also the disposable menstrual cups. These menstrual cups tend to be disc shaped with a collapsible, soft and flexible outer ring. The disposable menstrual cups tend to be made of medical grade polymer blend.


The disposable menstrual cups tend to be placed at the base of the cervix and tends to cover the cervix like a diaphragm. Among the advantages of the disposable menstrual cups, they can still be on during a sexual intercourse. One would, however, need to know that the disposable menstrual cup cannot protect one from getting pregnant nor can it prevent one from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. This type of menstrual cups tends to fit most of the women whether teenagers, women below thirty years as well as women above thirty years. To know more about menstrual cups, visit


One would need to know that menstrual cups tend to be easy to use and very safe especially when used as directed. They also tend to have no health risks. One would, therefore, need to try the menstrual cups which collect the menstrual fluids inside the vagina as they do not leak, click to get started!